39th Annual Eastern District Conference

Conference Planning Committee

Kimberly J. Mueller
Chief District Judge
Jennifer L. Thurston
Chief Magistrate Judge
Ronald H. Sargis
Chief Bankruptcy Judge
Avalon Johnson-Fitzgerald
Brande Gustafson
Vice Chair
Thomas Phinney
Ex Officio
Daniel Spohr-Grimes

Committee Members

  • Kimberly J. Mueller, Chief District Judge
  • Ronald H. Sargis, Chief Bankruptcy Judge
  • Jennifer L. Thurston, Chief Magistrate Judge
  • Avalon Johnson-Fitzgerald, Chair, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, LLP
  • Brande Gustafson, Vice Chair, Weakley & Arendt, APC
  • Thomas Phinney, Ex Officio, Parkinson Phinney
  • Angela Alvarez, Deputy in Charge
  • Patti Andrews, Judicial Assistant
  • Wayne Blackwelder, Bankruptcy Court Clerk
  • Jacob Eaton, Klein DeNatale Goldner Cooper Rosenlieb and Kimball
  • David Everson, USMS Judicial Security Inspector
  • Ben Galloway, Chief Assistant Federal Defender
  • Anne Gaskins, USMS Judicial Security Inspector
  • Keith Holland, District Court Clerk
  • Chi Soo Kim, Executive Assistant U.S. Attorney
  • Jenna Nelson, Chief Deputy Clerk
  • Alexander Nowinski, Hardy Erich Brown & Wilson
  • Donna Parkinson, Parkinson Phinney
  • Jerome Price, Office of the Federal Defender
  • Megan Sammut, Law Clerk
  • Daniel Spohr-Grimes, Program Administrator, Treasurer for EDC
  • Gabriel Waddell, Law Office of Peter L. Fear

Web Design Team

  • Daniel Spohr-Grimes