39th Annual Eastern District Conference

Conference Planning Committee

Kimberly J. Mueller
Chief District Judge
Jennifer L. Thurston
Chief Magistrate Judge
Ronald H. Sargis
Chief Bankruptcy Judge
Avalon Johnson Fitzgerald
Brande Gustafson
Daniel Spohr-Grimes

Committee Members

  • Angela Alvarez, Deputy in Charge
  • Patti Andrews, Judicial Assistant
  • Wayne Blackwelder, Bankruptcy Court Clerk
  • Jacob Eaton, Zimmer & Melton, LLP
  • David Everson, USMS Judicial Security Inspector
  • Anne Gaskins, USMS Judicial Security Inspector
  • Brande Gustafson, Co-Chair, Weakley & Arendt, APC
  • Chris Hales, Assistant U.S. Attorney
  • Keith Holland, District Court Clerk
  • Avalon Johnson Fitzgerald, Co-Chair, Reynolds Tilbury Woodward, LLP
  • Chi Soo Kim, Executive Assistant U.S. Attorney
  • Kimberly J. Mueller, Chief District Judge
  • Jenna Nelson, Chief Deputy Clerk
  • Alexander Nowinski, Kennaday, Leavitt, PC
  • Donna Parkinson, Parkinson Phinney
  • Thomas Phinney, Ex Officio, Parkinson Phinney
  • Jerome Price, Chief Assistant Federal Defender
  • Megan Sammut, California Office of the Attorney General
  • Ronald H. Sargis, Chief Bankruptcy Judge
  • Daniel Spohr-Grimes, Program Administrator, Treasurer for Eastern District Conference
  • Jennifer L. Thurston, Chief Magistrate Judge
  • Gabriel Waddell, Fear Waddell, PC

Web Design Team

  • Daniel Spohr-Grimes